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Boat Lhasa reachs the nation Jiademan the airliner will return to normal
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Because suffer the effect with Lhasa “3·14” incident and Nepalese flabby political situation, lhasa comes Jiademan airliner Ceng Yi is spent by original decrease one class everyday to present every week. Reporter the Jiademan that from the country branch of boat share Tibet held a few days ago learns on course seminar, boat Lhasa reachs the nation Jiademan course flight will return to normal recently.

Zhang Xuesong of senior assistant manager introduces ministry of riding quality of branch of Tibet of share of the boat that occupy a country, lhasa comes Jiademan course debutted on September 12, 1987, safe already run 20 one's remaining years, this course is the international course with only Tibet, also be medium the Buddhist nun the bridge in the sky of two countries.

As we have learned, come to raise Lhasa Jiademan the riding quality of course, municipal port does, country checkpoint of airport of total fleet of frontier defence of public security of bureau of area of Tibet of branch of boat share Tibet, civil aviaton, armed police attend the meeting relevant unit reachs consensus: On the foundation that communicate and coordinates, establish mechanism of periodic information exchange, at the beginning of every month in and month out, wait for relevant section by frontier defence, custom, respective information and Lhasa airport and country boat concerns a branch to have exchange, strengthen the communication of each respect and cooperation further, make this course can serve broad passenger better.