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China and Angola hold aviation talk
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On September 24, 2008, china and talk of Angola civil aviaton are held in Beijing. Wu Zhouhong of vice director of department of collaboration of international of Chinese civil aviation bureau and António De Jesus Marcolino Pombal of director of Angola state civil aviation bureau lead respective delegacy to attend a talk respectively. The talk undertakes below straight-out and friendly atmosphere, bilateral initial " government of People's Republic of China and aviation of Angola republic government carry an agreement " , be built and the aviation between development two countries carried a relation to sign order of concerned transport power, code name to share what the boat authority such as collaboration and charter flight operation arranges to forgive memorandum. Current, square Hainan airline manages Beijing — in enlighten do obeisance to (technical classics stops) the course of passenger transport charter flight of — Luo Anda, every week 1.