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Airline ticket of heat travel town is nervous
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25 days, holiday of the Chengdu City does issuance “ forecast of 11 ” golden week shows, the Chengdu City each old hotel guest room is average rental rate already rose steadily gradually. Guest room of hotel of the Chengdu City is average rental rate is 31.23% , hotel hostel is 22.01% , still have enough reception ability.

The books heat to be centered in the whole nation popular travel city of civil aviaton airline ticket. Up to yesterday, civil aviaton airline ticket books the main line of more than 90% to have: Chengdu comes to channel of 9 stockaded village, Nanning, Hong Kong and Chengdu Jiademan, Singapore. Highway and railroad are carried, all have better reception ability. Travel agent forms a delegation respect investigation shows, all have many reception ability.