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Flight number of part of rocket of Wuhan aviation passenger flow " one ticket is
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Xinhua net Wuhan on September 26 special telegram (Yang Xiaojun, Li Chongjun) draw near of 11 ” golden week increasingly as “ , discharge of each course passenger all climbs harbor of Wuhan pass in and out considerably litre, integral discharge grew 15 % above last year compared to the same period, future a few Tian Nahang airliners are basic already repletion, partial flight number appears again one ticket of “ requests ” appearance hard.

According to Na Hang Hubei branch introduces, came 30 days on September 27, nahang Wuhan orders a rate on average to already amounted to 80 % above to airliner of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, especially Beijing course, round-trip airliner orders a rate to all be in 98 % above, bought one ticket of occurrence “ to request ” appearance hard that day. And round-trip of the Guilin in travel course, Xiamen, big talk, Chengdu also appears at the same time of 90 % above revise a rate high, no matter be passenger flow,start add fast still be increment, relatively in former years rises somewhat. Predicting Wuhan leaves a port highest peak will appear on September 29, and highest peak of return passenger flow will appear to 5 days on October 4.

It is reported, the pressure that to alleviate effectively height of current passenger flow appears ahead of schedule, na Hang has carried forehead arrange transport power, decide to work overtime an airliner in Han Xinzeng 18, basically distributing to wait for direction in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, provide an amount to enlarge a seat effectively, na Hang still calls empty guest A-300 large airlines executive Wuhan reachs Shenzhen airliner.