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Passenger of number of breakdown of flower boat computer stops each are big the
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Dispatch occupied Chinese net month on September 26 England " daily Post " report, the calculation in air traffic control of state of 25 days of England calculates engine occurrence trouble, bring about all of super computer science department to break down, each are big the airport gives an airliner to be forced to cancel, arrive at an airliner to also cannot land on time, several passengers are forced to stop each are big the airport.

It is reported, this computer breakdown makes England each are big hundreds times the flight of the airliner plans the airport to all be affected, include London 5 big airports and building of station of boat of great majority area, also differ even airport of nation of a few Europe even level land suffers the effect to this airliner incur loss through delay. Several passengers journey plans to also be thrown into confusion completely accordingly, be obliged to stop to await the news that the airliner restores in the airport. Passengers this bewilderment indissolubles and blame essential nobody to informed them after all to produce what thing greatly.

As we have learned, this computer issue is newest accident another of the center of national air traffic control that is located in county of British Chinese general. This center is in 2002 (than anticipating evening 6 years) since investment is used all the time the problem is constant. Control center basically is in charge of flying to South Asia and England the airliner of mid area, include London among them International Airport, Gai Dewei overcomes Xisailuo airport of the airport, city mixes the airport, Lu Du airport, Tansite airport of Fan Bao collect the airliner of each big main airport and all is in England, Cambria, .

The traffic of British country aviation of responsible England air traffic control serves a company to express, this incident of incur loss through delay happens local time 25 days about afternoon 4 when the left and right sides, according to the convention, all of computer science department should fly to all changing the airliner information of direction and flight height undertakes be updatinged automatically, however the system did not execute this mission however. Accordingly, personnel of more than 100 air traffic control hotshot uses newer data information, this comparatives undoubtedly between cost take time. As a result of computer breakdown, the emergency of airliner if not in 25000 feet of above does not allow all flight height land. Among them the flight height of most airliner is in 35000-4000 foot. This was brought about embrace in serious sky.

In the late evening 7 when company of service of traffic of aviation of country of or so England announces the computer begins to run afresh, still do not arrive however 8 when company of service of traffic of aviation of country of 30 minutes of England announces Xisailuo again the airliner of all night of building of 5 boat station cancels the airport entirely. Building of other boat station still continues to move, but reduce service amount greatly. Gai Dewei overcomes the airport to have an airliner 25 times to be cancelled, 20 airliners of urban airport also are affected. The airport announces Bulisituoer cancel a scheduled flight 6 times, time of incur loss through delay is as long as 5 hours, and the closest from center of air traffic control airport - Na Anpu pauses the airport also has 27 airliners to be forced incur loss through delay. Stop at Tansite the passengers of the airport are informed to meet the baggage that restores the airliner of incur loss through delay to pile up in order to reduce a passenger as soon as possible. Coming from Cantabrigian Kaiteben to come prepare to head for Spain, she states this is a farce simply. “ knew to produce what thing after all without person the accused, its progress how, those staff members seemed to be missing same. We returned this former thinking to have advanced technology and computer equipment this kind of incident is absolutely won't recurrent. They had better be to prepare a few flashlight and signal board. ” predicts afternoon 6 when the Phil that flies to Romania expresses: The flight number that “ knows me besides the accused is cancelled besides, do not have any pertinent information again. I hope the staff member can tell us more and pertinent information, let us understand at present the thing makes progress after all how. ”
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