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Boat Zhengzhou airport awaits machine building 26 days to enable independently s
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Xinhua net Zhengzhou on September 26 special telegram (reporter Liang Peng) the awaiting that as Chinese south airline uses independently machine building, the International Airport awaits Zhengzhou new Zheng 2 numbers machine building begins formally to enable since 26 days.

According to introducing, the International Airport awaits Zhengzhou new Zheng 2 numbers dimensions of machine building construction is 5. 70 thousand square metre, occupy whole the 50 % that awaits machine building gross area newly, the airport awaits machine building whole to be able to satisfy year of passenger handling capacity 12 million person-time uses a requirement. 2 await machine building is facilities of new Zheng airport the most perfect, equipment the awaits machine building newly one part with the most advanced, the most reasonable flow, it is one of service safeguard resource with Zhengzhou the most admirable airport. Remove Na Hang from September 26, 2008 new Zheng of Zhengzhou of all pass in and out the fare of the International Airport will be full by 1 , 2, await plane door 3 numbers to enter.

2007, na Hang the market share that in Zhengzhou new Zheng the International Airport held 50 % above, after building in part hands in Na Hang to be used independently, new boat station will increase capacity of the service that Na Hang is in Zhengzhou airport and safeguard greatly, also will make the International Airport becomes Zhengzhou new Zheng join is mid the portal hub that waits for a country with each province and Han, day, southeast Asia and regional aviation hub.