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Civil aviaton passenger multiplies morning shift but guesthouse of free night ol
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Xinhua net Chongqing on September 26 special telegram (reporter Wang Jintao) after 11 golden weeks begin, the guest of partial civil aviaton that takes morning shift can lodge freely in Chongqing airport guesthouse overnight.

The reporter learns from airport of border of Chongqing river northland, chongqing periphery passenger wants to buy Chongqing airport in booking office of Chongqing airport engage by special arrangement only 9 when 30 minutes former leave a port morning shift airline ticket, can lodge freely guesthouse of SamSung class airport, be sent freely toward the airport to await machine building by airport bus, obtain at the same time give 30 yuan of free meal to consume certificate.

Chongqing airport chief says, the airport rolls out “ morning shift to send accommodation ” the activity, because morning shift passenger is opposite,be less, and afternoon airliner more nervous, some passengers do not sit morning shift, because he is lived in,be outer, the airport cannot arrive in time that day. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the airport adds up to manage billabong passenger, solve the trouble back at home of partial guest.

Current, chongqing airport already opened circumjacent area to arrive directly at the regular service route of many 40 long-distance passenger transportation of Chongqing airport.