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Buy discount airline ticket online bank card did not get the money gone
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A few days ago, Ms. Geng Castle to save money, ready to buy two discounted tickets online. After the last exchange of money to each other, the other said, air tickets have been booked, Ms. Geng need to activate the ticket with a bank card. Provided by the other party Serial number, activation code "activate" after they found themselves, Ms. Geng card is not the rest of the 2 million yuan, and found Ms. Geng taken immediately reported to the police. The police received a report said recently a spate of continuous Castle this case Pieces to remind the public of his tricks. Cary's 2 million operation gone A few days ago, Ms. Geng and a colleague to go to Shanghai on business, through the Baidu search, she found a website selling discount air tickets, the website have a customer service phone: 4006881114. "I had not purchased online Tickets, see their customer service phone number is 400 at the beginning, I feel very formal, decided to call and ask. "Ms. Geng said that if the purchase of tickets at the airport, she takes more than 1500 yuan, which the company gives the fare is two A total of 827 yuan Zhang, succumbed to temptation, Ms. Geng dialed the customer service calls. "Your lucky, now we only go to Shanghai Da Zhepiao the two." Customer is a woman answered the phone, she advised Ms. Geng Step booking. Subsequently, Ms. Geng Road and the people came to the Sifang Jiaxing Road junction of the Industrial and Commercial Bank ATM machine next to each other's accounts to import 827 million. After exchange of money, the ticketing officer called to Ms. Geng said: "After our inquiries, this credit card you never bought tickets, so you need to use your bank card activate these two tickets." On the phone where Said customer service, ticketing company in order to prevent consumers from being taken, tickets and bank cards will bind together. Customer service, then let this house ticketing company, Ms. Geng convinced to provide the serial number of the other party, shock Live code, the ATM machine to complete the operation. However, with the ATM machine displays "Transfer successful", Ms. Geng found itself with more than 20,000 yuan card has all been transferred away. How the transfer is the liar? That his deception, Ms. Geng quickly called the police, while she is also very strange how the crook of her money transferred out of it? After listening to the description of Ms. Geng, police said recently they had received more than a similar warning, "which in such crime, said that the activation of a liar tickets 'serial numbers' and 'verification code' is the transfer of Key. "Police explained that the application for the 400 at the beginning of a lot of crooks phone, to cheat the victim's trust and then, through the well-known sites linked to the Trojan, plus links in the form of low prices to attract the attention of the victim, fraud Airfare. Of course, the cost of the ticket in the fraud, the fraud will not just leave, they will need to activate the way air tickets to enable the public to complete the transfer to the ATM machine. Ms. Geng said the second time when she did not enter each other's account and password, the police let her wake up a word, "the serial number is the bank account number, account password activation code is just a liar to wear two sets of figures a 'Vest'. "