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Flight delays improve the civil aviation laws and regulations, improve operat
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Earlier this year, the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China, referred to as "CAA"), Eric in the project deployment of the Secretary of normal and large-scale protection of flight emergency post-flight delays Remediation work items that promote the building of China's civil aviation is in full power strategic aviation, air power is not only reflected in the "large", but also in "high quality", "high quality" one of the characteristics is to run high quality. The author, a civil aviation system as a general staff, has the responsibility, more work obligations from the perspective of their own, find flight delay problems and deal with the causes, propose effective measures, as far as possible To minimize the dissatisfaction of passengers. Expedite the development of laws and regulations related to flight delays The current domestic laws and international air law of most of the "flight delay" is not clearly defined, so in practice, air transport, passengers, airlines and airports for flight delays, there is a great understanding of sub- Differences. Of flights delayed for legal, administrative regulations and civil aviation authorities to develop regulations related to rights and obligations that should be in line with the principle of reciprocity, unity of the "flight delay" is defined or defined. First, the Civil Aviation Authority under the proposed "China Civil Aviation," and with "Consumer Protection Law", "Contract Law", "Civil Law", in the full collection of views of the airlines to develop Relatively uniform standards and financial compensation of external publicity, and to ask airlines in strict accordance with the provisions of treatment and compensation, passengers can also receive compensation not to negotiate. Second is to require all airlines to develop appropriate extension of flights Error handler to pay the Civil Aviation Authority and made public record, and urge all airlines to do service work after the flight delays, as airlines in the first case of flight delays notice, notification frequency, radio, word content, Meals and accommodation conditions, standards, giving visitors the conditions and standards of financial compensation and leadership on duty, counseling and the responsibilities of staff. Civil Aviation Authority of the region to increase supervision of airlines, will be Working procedures of the implementation of the supervision and inspection. Civil service departments to improve the level of protection This year, the author Taoxian Airport and Sanya Phoenix Airport to the random survey, flight delays, as a travelers want most: First, more informed, timely notification of flight delays 48% ; Second, eating, living arrangements, 22%; three other flights or refund the replacement of 17%; Fourth, 13% of cash compensation. This data reflects the time of flight delays passengers expectations, the right to know, understand the reasons for flight delays, Access to essential services accounted for 70%. The survey also reflects the current follow-up services, airline flight delays is relatively backward, can not meet the demands of consumers. But the solution to this problem can not rely on airlines On the one hand to work. Improved measures to deal with flight delays and improve the air quality of service, the Civil Aviation requires all parties to build a harmonious multi-pronged approach and work together. The first airline in the flight schedule, capacity allocation, ground support and aircraft maintenance and has taken measures to reduce their own reasons for airline flight delays due proportion. Airline companies to ensure that the elements Adequate human, material and financial resources to the elements to deal with the autonomy of the company will delay emergency flights. In case of inclement weather predicted, adjust flight plans, establish a sound and rapid flight cancellation mechanism, Flight information service to improve and expand this channel, to ensure that passengers timely and accurate informed of changes in flight information. And to take remedial measures to arrange for passengers to take alternative flights or a refund, so that tourists choose to sign transfer flights or other Climate. On the refund and to minimize passenger flights 改签 red tape quickly as possible to help passengers make the trip. Ground service staff should be warm, to treat the reasonable demands of the rapid disposal of visitors, waiting for the in Anxiety travelers, providing intimate service. The second is to increase the transparency of information, the airport authorities in the terminal in real time on a large TV screen, scroll broadcast reasons for the delay, delay time and the expected follow-up service arrangements, set up a special extension of the airline False information counter. Also, some free services such as telephone cards, books for children, the elderly and hot water, the effective transfer and mitigate the unpleasant feeling of passengers. Third, optimization of controls. Regional controller in the control of the work of the initiative and flexibility should be enhanced to increase their control of volume per unit time; tower controller arrange flights to take off the order, in the same section Conditions, the arrangement has been delayed first flight took off for a long time to reduce the flight delays. The possible direction can also choose to take off the runway into the flight, to gain time; flight service department can count Planning the production process, the same airport opened a number of flights to take off time to allow sufficient time for the unit to do flight preparation for the flight. In addition, flight service can also organize forces for the flight has been delayed Priority service class, or in the process of coordination to perform fine details, including aircraft refueling, catering volume, the volume shipped, can make the relevant security in place ahead of the vehicle, so save a lot of air time, as soon as possible Pre-flight preparation for the flight to do to reduce the delay time. Establishment of multi-linkage mechanism Large-scale emergency flight delays special work of the most important one, is to establish a large area of flight delays and improve the information communication mechanism. Today, the airline and the airport are control units 3 units on an equal footing, and have their own higher authorities. Therefore, in the discharge of their duties, the cross-cutting between units, when poor communication Occurred, and the results seriously affected flights taking off and landing run. Particularly in the event of flight delays or other unforeseen circumstances, the unit can sometimes be between the shirking of responsibilities, mutual accusations phenomenon, with all aspects of security Not on. In this regard, one can not help but reflect on civil aviation, flight delays in responding to emergencies throughout the process, every position, and everyone working hard, why run the effect is not good? Obviously, flight delays, the groove Through mechanism is neither scientific, nor reasonable, must be comprehensive reform. Establishment of Air Traffic Control, airlines, airports and other related departments linkage mechanism is aimed at a large area in the event of flight delay occurs, the full play-in-Residence Units of the overall organization, coordination, control, decision-making role to ensure the safety of civil aviation operation, smooth and efficient. According to reports, in August 2009, the airport tries to construct an integrated operation coordination mechanism, once the Capital Airport and Beijing appear thunderstorms region-wide control of the complex weather, most likely to trigger large-scale flight delays, Including air traffic control, weather, airports, airlines and other units, including units run control departments will be notified within 20 minutes of concentration, through the joint field office, a common way to carry out consultations at flight delays Home work, and timely release of information outside. This approach is typical of multi-linkage mechanism. The establishment of emergency resources reserve Lack of emergency resources restricted flight delays reserve service work effectively. Therefore, first of all to speed up the airport infrastructure. Such as in the terminal building to introduce more brands, brand items food items as well as leisure Projects, delays in waiting for the visitors experience the process of creating feelings of pleasure; Secondly, to increase investment in related support facilities. According to the author survey, most of the domestic airport de-icing equipment in North and necessary to protect the aircraft Class suffered a serious mismatch. Required the purchase of ice and snow weather deicing vehicle protection solution to prevent recurrence due to inadequate de-icing trucks, aircraft de-icing can not be timely, resulting in long delays in the phenomenon of delayed flights; such as the purchase of fuel trucks, ferry Vehicles, and other support vehicles, support vehicles will be in place to reduce flight delays. Again, actively promote the application of high technology. Communication networks such as the transformation operation scheduling system to solve the VHF network load is too large, the protection of large Flight delay occurs when an area of poor communication serious problems; to speed up part of the airport building ILS navigation system, reduce flights taking off and landing weather standard; promote the self check-in system construction, the construction of information systems for the delay Provide passengers with more efficient and comfortable service. Finally, optimization services, facilities and process design, develop and publish the use of bridges and gate allocation methods and reduce the airport causes flight delays. Increase the air transport industry propaganda Civil aviation operations is a very complex system, many factors led to flight delays, passengers difficult to look at the professional problems that occur. According to authoritative statistics, the weather caused flight delays of a Civil Aviation As about 70% of flight delays. Passengers often travel with their own life, the meteorological standards as criteria for judging whether the flying weather, this simple one-sided understanding of civil aviation passengers caused a lot of misunderstanding. Civil Aviation Authority as a civil aviation authorities, in the public eye is a neutral, impartial, credible management, should take common sense and promote civil aviation laws and regulations of the mission, educate and guide the public Of civil aviation to take the right knowledge and attitude, correctly guide public opinion. Such as improving the existing reporting system for normal flight, the monthly flight time will be outside the normal statistical data to inform the industry and announced to the media, the use of public opinion The Analects of force to guide the normal high rate of passenger airlines select flights, through market power to force airlines to improve service levels, which is reducing the carrier's flight delays caused the most effective way. Another example Major airport terminal large screen easy to understand knowledge and Ordinance to increase the level of basic knowledge of visitors, the maximum possible correctly guide public opinion and win public understanding of the status of flight delays, so that passengers in the psychological To build awareness for flight delays. Again, through the Civil Aviation Authority on the disposal of delayed flights after the reunification of the publication and publicity programs to enhance public understanding of the public to easily monitor the working procedures related to civil aviation departments The implementation of the lawful rights and interests of consumer protection.