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Festival international air travel down into the off-season four is the time to
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Shortly after the National Day holiday, the international ticket prices have lowered. Where to Network (Qunar.com) survey, from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou three domestic airports to New York, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney's international ticket prices down across the board, at present, to fly from Shanghai to Tokyo Tickets by the October 1 of 2,300 down to 1,444 yuan, a decline of nearly 4 percent. In addition, Beijing to New York before the holiday ticket prices are also cheaper than the nearly one-fifth. Low season ticket drive down The end of September, driven by heat in the National Day travel, international flights launched the "fever", Beijing to New York, Shanghai, round trip ticket to London have exceeded the minimum fare million, starting from the major cities and from the United States, Europe And Australia's ticket prices climbing, some of the flights is a "hard to get a ticket," the situation. According to analysis, the concentration of foreign schools opening soon, the end of August to mid September, the route will be a new wave of students back to school craze, to the United States, Australia, Europe and even some of the main routes have emerged flight ticket sales Exhausted phenomenon. With the school season and the "October" National Day holiday ended, the international air travel market has begun to enter the off-season. Where, according to network data, the average price of international tickets on Sept. 30 reached its highest point since October 1 decreased from day to day. To Oct. 10, ticket prices will fall to the off-season international level, compared with the September 30, then decline Jinliang Cheng. After November, with tickets and other expenses to take the decline in prices of some popular tourist routes a large drop. It is reported that the European Tour in general fell 15% to 20%, Tokyo, Japan 6 Hokkaido luxury travel price from XI 10,800 yuan dropped to 9,480 yuan. The use of professional search platform to find the lowest airfare Before and after National Day, the international ticket prices rollercoaster price adjustment, many trips were taken by surprise. Recently, reporters from where to Web search found some hundred tickets appeared on international routes, such as the January 13, 2011, Singapore - Haikou one-way ticket price is 78 yuan; January 15, 2011, Shenzhen - Singapore one-way ticket Price is 90 yuan. These ultra-cheap airline tickets and more appeared in some low-cost airlines or direct sales in the domestic airline's website. In this regard, vice president of network where to wear political view, who want to find cost-effective passenger tickets, the use of the professional search platform that can guarantee the tourists get the lowest possible price. Dai government said that these ultra-low international air travel will often be sold out within hours of the launch, so the consumer better determine the best route ahead of time to prepare your passport and other relevant information for the successful purchase high cost of international Ticket. It is reported to the network where you can search more than 700 tickets and hotel supplier sites, search over 12,000 domestic and international air routes, covering almost all the cities in the world routes, including direct flights and connecting Flights, is to provide the most comprehensive information on domestic airline tickets online travel websites.