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Intermediate high pumping steam into Shopping Portal Web site airline tickets
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Online shopping discount tickets by college students has been favorable for both easy and cheap. This year, many college students in Hangzhou but that he did not intend to purchase airline tickets network, the property of their reasons: too many traps, afraid to buy, you extracted into the false ticket purchasing network ... ... With the arrival of hot season, a variety of online shopping fraud have begun. Spent 800 yuan to buy air tickets "Chinese New Year back home, train, automobile, aircraft are not cheap. If the online air ticket booking two months in advance, there is a discount of 7 fold. Early booked also assured that, do not wait until the rush to wait in line to buy tickets." In Xiasha Reading freshman Ye Yufei from Sichuan, and his idea of the students ahead of other provinces is a lot of motivation for purchase online. However, online booking also need to pay attention to skills, otherwise it is easy to become a money ending up at a disadvantage. Ye Yufei's experience illustrates this point. "Last month, I recommend the website of the seniors booked a ticket to Chengdu Chang, built without machines, fuel, paid a total of 800. The result of a check to the airline, in fact, calculated at current discounted price, even if not online shopping is also just 540 is enough. "At this time, Ye Yufei discovered that the original site seniors that the formal name of the station with his ticket site name is only one word, the two are easily confused. Purchasing price of the network than the airlines how to play the discount price even higher? "The other side of the customer service told me that this is their commission. 800 tickets in as many as 260 of the commission, is simply Kengren!" Ye Yufei angrily said. Later, a telephone to contact the purchasing companies of this network. The company's staff said that they collected did not violate commission regulations earnings. "But they should at least be in the buyer before purchase, clear standards for the collection of intermediaries to make that!" Ye Yufei continue to express the dissatisfaction. Paid their money Shopping Site on the play "disappeared" Blind pursuit of low fares, so many students on a false website when. Neither a qualification certificate, not support third-party payment agencies, these are false site "tab." Most of these sites to take "disappeared" in the money making methods, such as ticket buyers paid their money, websites and so-called "customer service hotline" to disappeared. "I feel a little when remittances wrong, not to mention the results of air tickets now, the entire website 'disappeared'! I in the Baidu search 'discount ticket', they found a man named 'Zhoushan ticket purchasing' site, where the lowest fares. "Cheng Nan recalled experience being cheated at the time said he was very impressive to see that site, and to choose the right ticket, and the manner as described above 830 yuan exchange, the results are now not get into the site , Baidu, also can not search. " Ticket information to keep abreast of Buy carefully selected sites Order discount tickets on issues related to customer service of China Eastern Airlines said that to avoid phishing, recommended "to the major airlines official website or call the ticket booking air tickets telephone order", the airline will "will be the most accurate Discount tickets and information of its release to consumers. " Other tickets trap A: pretending to get money Aviation Service Liar available online booking telephone, cheap discount air tickets tempting bait. Most of these calls is 400 at the beginning of the unified national service hotline, it was also leaving the QQ number and phone number, to deceive consumers, crooks often set to a recorded phone ring tones ring tones regular airlines, resulting in "formal customer service, "the illusion. They often require consumers to first hit the votes shall then let's use that consumers put money into the designated account, has been unable to get tickets, has repeatedly urged in vain. Second: "Online activation refund" deceptive transfer When consumers send money to a designated account fraud, when asked to take tickets, customer service, said ticket prices to enable consumers to re-pay, when consumers do not want to pay to requested a refund, they said, homeopathy, can handle refund business, but need the consumer's account and their related companies account only after the transfer occurred. Liar often recommend that consumers looking for a nearby ATM machine, the so-called "online activation refund." Liar to a refund need to "verify code" on the grounds, so has their bank card into the ATM, the consumer, enter a number. Losers, the consumer fraud is discovered step by step induce consumers to put money on the card from the consumer's account to cheat. Consumers not only did not retreat models, but they have been cheated of a sum of money. C: print fake tickets cheat Some cottage in the money after the customer service will provide consumers with bogus e-ticket, some people do not verify the authenticity of the opportunity, get the fake tickets to the airport to replace the boarding pass only to find fraud. IV: After the induction you pay to cancel flights Some cottage Customer Service will send to you sent a real e-ticket when you check the airline's official website, they do have the information consumers to buy tickets, pay at the time believed the consumers, but when consumers take Is this ticket to the airport only to find, this ticket has already belong to others. Originally, when consumers book air tickets, a liar for consumers through formal channels will be a good ticket reservations, consumers can also find out their official website, airline ticket information, collect the money when the liar, will promptly contact booking point to cancel tickets booked to consumers. Tickets into the hands of the ultimate consumer "has dishonored" state.