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Carry the formalities of the radio isotope about aviation!
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Consignor aviation carries a radio isotope to must deal with following formalities:

1. Consignor aviation consigns a radio isotope to should write booking note of delivery other people to civil aviaton branch, the dose of “ radioactivity goods that should offer branch of local wholesome epidemic prevention and officer unit to check affix one's seal checks certificate ” .

2. Fill in when goods consigns a book, want to write clear client name, address and telephone call, so that arrive at boat to stand to be contacted in time with the client, the top right corner that consigns a book is built or make clear seal of ” of “ radio isotope or model of written characters.

3. Of the radio isotope pack must accord with a requirement, packing two side should the packing mark of stickup regulation.

4. After doing appropriate to consign formalities, answer to wait with arrival time of the amount of the cable or phone, radio isotope that will consign, grade, flight, inform the client is extracted to the airport.

5. Before when consigning, answering to take off at the plane one die young and civil aviaton are contacted, with obligate tonnage; Send the airport 30 minutes before the flight takes off that day one hour oneself.

6. The radio isotope that charter flight consigns, need to send escort in transportation of person specially assigned for a task.