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International is booked need to know
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Airliner choice and order fill in
1, airliner: Carry those who offer the international scheduled flight that Shanghai leaves a port to book at present, if the airliner is adjusted,change or order the problem is met separately phone announcement.
2, the price: ? of Zou of collect of Zhang of  of  of Cheng of Zou of paddle lament collect does not include taxes, airport to build cost) ; The value that types to place can change according to airline policy at any time newer, price of the list that be like place and airliner and when coming in and go out actually somewhat, the meeting is seasonable with you connection affirms.
3, full name and certificate: Seize the opportunity the person must use a boarding card the full name that go up submits order form (if board the plane,are two on the person's certificate or the character of two above country, use English name to refer order) please, if book the full name on sheet and boarding card the full name that go up is abhorrent will bring about a passenger to cannot board the plane, the loss that causes among them books person proper motion to assume by what submit order form; Book international airline ticket to must be offerred board the plane the person's boarding card citizenship of type, passenger, boarding card date, birth date, and passenger sexual distinction.
4, contact means: 3 sluggish of ⒈ of ⒉ of enemy bank of  of herd of  of peptide of Cong of neon of teach of Han of ⑾ of Zhi  two? of ㄑ aspic ┩ so that at the clerk can seasonable get in touch with you; Like contact, connection the data such as the phone has by accident, this order will be regarded as invalid order to make cancel to handle.
5, repeat order: ? of ┑ of thoroughfaring cook a meal of extensive of Jia babbler Jiao namely same seize the opportunity same time, same route, identical airline repeats the person the) of airline ticket order that refers two pieces of above, if because refer,repeating order to bring about is the situation that repeats a ticket, book a seat number cancel and the loss of return a ticket that produces will be assumed entirely by the book person that submits order form.

Passenger capacity
In when booking, noticing to booking sheet please, make clear seize the opportunity the person's corresponding identity, the clerk offers the capacity that provides according to you relevant price for you, existing passenger capacity has:
New immigrant------Must offer the passenger's visa and new emigrant photocopy.
Student studying abroad-------Must offer the photocopy of visa of advice note of enter a school, student.
Service personnel------Must offer the photocopy of the passenger's passport and service visa.
Outside eliminating above passenger capacity, call “ common ” . Your simply offers photocopy of card of pass of passport, HongKong and Macow, comptatriots of Taiwan can.
When you are reserving airline ticket, irritated the capacity that shows you please.
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