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By air when must put out a mobile phone
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Report from our correspondent recently, committee of American federal news report (FCC) give a ruling, will stop offerred in December 2004 of formulate prohibit about loosen or be being replaced the checkup that electronic equipment code uses on machine, requirement passenger must put out the mobile phone when the airlines flies. It is reported, committee of American federal news report makes this one decision basically is the reason that is based on a technology to go up.
Since December 2004, committee of American federal news report considers to remove all the time aboard bans the code that uses a mobile phone. Committee of American federal news report and bureau of American confederative aviation (FAA) have prohibit the code of aboard use mobile phone, but both reason is not same. Bureau of American confederative aviation prohibits the passenger uses mobile phone or device of other portable electron in plane flight process, basically be the voyage that fears these device may disturb a plane and its communication system, but what what committee of American federal news report worries about is these hand opportunities the signal of other mobile phone on interference ground. Because what phone place uses is in at present inside plane engine room in the sky of installation,be American federal the phone of the special frequency that communication committee gives, this one frequency is to be in a kind of frequency besides limits of frequency of common mobile phone. Committee of American federal news report says on this report: “ uses a mobile phone to cause ruinous to area network interference respect whether possibly in plane flight, the technical information that at present equipment business place provides is not quite sufficient still. Again criterion, because airline, flying mechanism builds business and wireless supplier to still be in,equipment of electron of individual of mobile phone etc is used to undertake study on machine, so we think, further comment is done to return premature with respect to what be opposite on this vital link. Committee member of federal news report of ” United States expresses, network happening has the news report that “ still can prove to the mobile phone is used to whether can bring about the ground in sky without enough technical data ” now.
Of course, this adjudication is an encouraging news for the person to be fed up with a mobile phone, but those hopes can be in sky the passenger that carries real time connection with associate of family, business, must not not continue to await period of time however. Committee of American federal news report says, this orgnaization “ may reconsider this one problem in the future, but premise is to moment must appropriate technical data can offer our reference ” . Although communication committee passed American federal to examine, whether can the sanction that aboard uses these equipment to still must get bureau of American confederative aviation.
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