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Edit " civil aviaton law " , protect passenger rights and interests better
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Sincere the passenger place character that is like an airliner 4593 times, the focal problem that place of incident of Kunming airport “1·4” reflects depends on: Does airline happen in sudden incident hind how does appropriate find a place for passenger? At this point, the reporter interviewed Chinese civil aviaton to manage cadre institute aviation to carry with Dong Nianqing of vice director of air law research center's associate professor.

The passenger has option and right of authority of know the inside story, claim for compensation

Reporter: When the circumstance of occurrence airliner incur loss through delay, what right to have when thing passenger?

Dong Nianqing: Unavoidable of airliner incur loss through delay, if where manages,the key is after the event. About incident of Kunming airport “1·4” , can affirm above all is: The passenger has option and right of authority of know the inside story, claim for compensation. As the airline of carrier, no matter because what reason produces incur loss through delay,be, accountability tell the fact of incur loss through delay the guest. As to announcement kind, than be being returned by him airline so be by its agent (airport ground serves a company) appear personally, can handle according to actual condition, but cannot evasive inform responsibility. Airline ought to the well and truly reason airliner incur loss through delay, time that when can take off normally tells a guest. In time of incur loss through delay longer below the circumstance, the passenger can choose return a ticket or by airline arrangement is changed other airliner. " contract law " reach " home of passenger of Chinese civil aviation, baggage carries regulation " wait for legal laws and regulations to have relevant regulation to this. Be like " contract law " regulation, during the person that airline is making an appointment with fixed occasional is reasonable inside carry safety of passenger, goods conventional place; Ought to inform in time to the passenger carry the item that ought to notice about the important particulars of a matter that cannot carry normally and safety.

Reporter: How ought to the passenger in “1·4” incident hold his right?

Dong Nianqing: Had better talk things over with airline solve, and legal lawsuit also can yet be regarded as a kind of feasible method. The passenger can get on airline ticket carry bright airline serves as the accused, walk on behavior of the contract in order to be opposite out of order by, requirement airline recoups a loss.

The cost that civil aviaton reforms cannot be assumed by the passenger
Reporter: The airport and airline emphasize, because safe problem is caused,“1·4” incident is, and the confidential regulation that presses concerned respect cannot tell a reason to the passenger. To this this how look upon?
Dong Nianqing: Horrible assault (be like skyjacking) , carry to world civil aviaton constituted great menace, china is not exceptional also. My individual thinks, although go out,showed this kind of safe hidden danger, airline also should tell a guest relevant circumstance. The confidential regulation of concerned branch cannot contradict with active law photograph, disable otherwise. To say the least, even if cannot tell the reason of airliner incur loss through delay by confidential regulation, also should tell incur loss through delay of passenger scheduled flight this fact.
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