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Civil aviaton greets an Olympic Games to publicize the job to develop big range
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To receive 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, civil aviaton will ensure around “ aviation is carried during the Olympic Games safe, convenient, quick, to undertake an outstanding Olympic Games offers top-ranking aviation to carry environmental ” this one theme holds a series of propaganda.

These activities include: By civil aviaton total bureau civilization does and newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton holds civil aviaton to welcome competition of Olympic Games knowledge jointly. The Olympic Games of journal open up of magazine of flight of newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton, each airline, each airport publicizes column. Publicize the unified deploy of the ministry according to BOCOG, each airline and the airport that have city of Olympic Games project and equipment fall to the airport is put in public, engine room and broadcast civil aviaton of propagandist Olympic Games, conduct propaganda to build the data of culture of the Chinese nation of achievement, conduct propaganda and video product, in boat station building mark of Olympic Games of prominent place suspension, paste and Olympic Games publicize catchphrase, put Olympic Games mascot to wait.

Beijing will have project of 23 Olympic Gameses to check competition this year, the key of content of conduct propaganda of civil aviaton Olympic Games is: Olympic Games torch is delivered involve civil aviaton the service of a few airports ensures a condition, the Olympic Games checks the safeguard circumstance of the civil aviaton in contest, civil aviaton each preparation that the step that boat takes as Olympic Games partner and place become the circumstance of rehearse of Olympic Games of the 2nd imitate and state works.