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Sino-US two countries is reached enlarge aviation to carry market admittance agr
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On May 22, 2007, total bureau of Chinese civil aviation Director Yang Yuanyuan and the Ministry of Communication of American Department of Transportation Marie. Peter this the minister announces during economy of the 2nd Sino-US strategy speaks, both sides revises Sino-US 2004 civil aviation to carry agreement protocol, enlarge two countries aviation to carry market admittance to come to an agreement.

According to new agreement, chinese airborne enterprise can enter Sino-US aviation unlimitedly to carry the market instantly, maintaining the agreement was shared about code name of charter flight, tripartite 2004, passenger transport on the foundation of the regulation such as power of the 5th business, market of two countries air-freight will transfer to be opened in the round 2011, will be in to the passenger transport transport power that the United States reached area of Chinese the eastpart part 2012 2007 the year after year on consultative foundation increased each 2004 in all 70 / , chinese mid area (Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Henan, Shanxi) the nonstop aviation carriage market that reachs the United States is wide-open. In addition, both sides still will begin to carry the market with respect to two countries aviation from 2010 wide-open agreement and schedule undertake consulting, what carry the market with realizing Sino-US aviation finally is comprehensive and open.

Both sides all expresses, of this agreement reach showed mechanism of dialog of Sino-US strategy economy is in adequately the general affairs of harmonious and bilateral economy, positive effect that accelerates play of place of field of relationship of Sino-US classics trade, farther watch understands two countries to concern in the good cooperation of civil aviaton domain. Director Yang Yuanyuan points out, new agreement will offer new development opportunity for bilateral and airborne enterprise, square airborne enterprise seizes opportunity in the hope, in competition development expands; In the meantime, hope beauty just goes to the United States in Chinese citizen visa and form a delegation field of the travel that go to the United States offers advantage, the balance that carries the market to promote Sino-US aviation develops creation good condition quickly. Just wish to just be with the United States on cooperative foundation in, the joint efforts develops Sino-US aviation to carry, ground of active, advance gradually opens two countries aviation to carry the market, what carry with realizing Sino-US civil aviation finally is comprehensive and open, make larger contribution to promote the development of Sino-US economy impact and constructive collaboration relation.
Civil aviation of Sino-US two countries will be in what future achieves Sino-US aviation market inside 3 years is comprehensive and open, of this action reach the good cooperation that indicated Sino-US strategy economy not only, in be square and even the market of electronic business affairs of my group company extended vaster domain, borrow this to receive good chance hard, company should the development strategic principle with careful deploy, had made executive preparation to welcome grim challenge and competition.
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