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The killer in vigilant sky: The mobile phone that lets you and door of flying en
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Now, take a plane to go out travel, visit one's family visit friend to be away on official business, bussiness trip person is increasing, safety is the problem that the passenger cares most. However the safety that the passenger's behavior also affects a plane directly.

Now, more and more facts tell us, the signal that in waiting for electronic equipment to use, the mobile phone issues may be dry flinch the normal signal of the plane is delivered, make the plane is in a mistake to operate state, affect flight safety badly, this is the experience lesson that the price that pays blood changes. Abide by the regulation of the electronic equipment such as mobile phone of the taboo in flight process strictly please. You may be radio expert has very sufficient reason to think the electronic equipment such as use mobile phone won't affect flight safety, exceeding perhaps object expensive for god however cannot this provision that aboard makes a telephone call, but, ask you to believe, have an objective only, ensure the flight is safe, even if extremely one of make mistake likelihood, also want to be put an end to strictly.
Hope every passenger wants to value his life, should remind each other when seize the opportunity, assist unit staff to involve good security jointly, the life that does not use oneself goes taking a risk, do not imagine life the sky.

Abide by the regulation of the electronic equipment such as mobile phone of the taboo in flight process strictly:
1. does not have disadvantage absolutely to flight safety, the life that does not take oneself is become ante,
2. violates relevant regulation, till assume corresponding criminal responsibility,can be punished accordingly.

Lessons drawn from others' mistakes:

The mobile phone is used in sky, may be the real prime culprit of accident of tremendous aviation accident many extremely, accordingly, the mobile phone is available in invisible of hand hand say.
On May 26, 1991, the 767-300 of a Boeing of Austrian LAUDA airline plane, after taking off from Thailand Bangkok airport at that time before long, with respect to abrupt discovery the uncannily of a computer on machine started the retrorse propeller that lands to just may be opened in the ground normally, make plane overbalance, cannot amend in time, stall disintegrate crash, on machine 233 people die entirely. From accident findings proof, the plane should be wrong signal be caused by arises after be disturbed by serious electron.
On Feburary 16, 1998, the guest of one built on stilts of airline of China of our country Taiwan 300 planes, from Indonesia cling to li island flies to airport of Taipei peach garden, because airport of Taipei peach garden has big fog at that time, visibility is very poor, in the process that the plane has touchdown by appearance sequence, the plane is disturbed by serious electron, make appearance indicates generation mistake, cause a plane to differ into close height and actual height 300 meters, cause air man panic-stricken, operate error, answer in flying process, stall, airframe
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