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About airliner incur loss through delay
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Latter, what problem of airliner incur loss through delay fries in home is bubbling with noise, those who not allow to oppugn civil aviaton total bureau to come on stage " compensation of airliner incur loss through delay knows an opinion " improve a service to airline, reduced airliner incur loss through delay to have very big effect. But this file lets broad passenger feel he took a sword of high power however, make the airport greatly, take up the ultra behavior such as personnel of plane, abuse aircrew, service appears in home time and again each are big the airport. The other service measure that ask high specified number is compensated for and rejects airline to put forward is common, bring about airline reputation loss of damage, benefit is severe, the negative news of airliner incur loss through delay appears in each again and again big media.

Current situation of airliner incur loss through delay:
Civil aviaton respect: To airliner occurrence incur loss through delay. The explanation often has 4 words only, list as follows: Weather reason, air traffic control, mechanical failure, plane is allocated, simple fine, this also is very complex case actually, go up objectively existence information is delivered not free, not affirmatory also to circumstance of incur loss through delay, also think to do not have necessary explanation since civil aviaton respect is long-term, perhaps think to bother, said the passenger also is understood do not wait a reason a moment, the service of incur loss through delay is done simply curt, lack meticulous and considerate, nice in a subtle way.

Passenger respect: To great majority passenger, the selection goes by plane row, the graph must be safety, quick and comfortable. But if touch incur loss through delay of Shanghai Airline class, this kind of desire can sell at a discount greatly undoubtedly, let a person feel dismay and anger even, right now, the information of incur loss through delay again have no way is informed or time is pushed push again, not clear incur loss through delay arrives when, the passenger is met of course cannot accept, appear easily ultra behavior.

Media respect: Incur loss through delay of airliner of in every case happens, always be the passenger introduces a case to media; Media to produce resounding effect, with respect to n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of add inflammatory details to the news of a create a sensation, go up with the communication of media, airline is done very disappointingly. Although the media that bear the blame interviews civil aviaton relevant unit, very unfortunate, the person that is in charge of be being communicated with media, public is to sit commonly the office, frame is dye-in-the-wood, actual also be the layman that understands not quite, reply normally ambiguous or too simple, can't let the public understands factual situation well and truly, wipe blacker more.

The article is you here the delay with the cause that specific introduction causes incur loss through delay and common explanation, hope passenger can make allowances for current condition, more should sober undertake communication through lawful channel with sober ground, temporarily impulse is not the optimal method that solves a problem absolutely.
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