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World of Qingdao sea floor
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World of Qingdao sea floor is located in Qingdao Lai Yang Lu 2, border park of Lu Xun of famous beauty spot mixes Qingdao bathhouse of the first seawater, total floor area 7000 square metre, water system 4000 tons, it is the contemporary and large marine zoology that by Qingdao aquaria and Shandong Lu Xin invests group limited company to invest development jointly travel project, total investment amounts to 220 million yuan. World of Qingdao sea floor basically is mixed by the belt between tide, chunnel 4 sightseeing of subterranean build 3 much to form, reveal a part to be in completely underground. The belt length between tide 35 meters; Chunnel is 86.2 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, the radian of vaulted glass uses channel the modelling structure that a variety of form photographs such as system of 360 degrees of 254 degrees of 180 degrees groovy angle, old point of view, columnar water and window type glass integrate, walk in channel, as bottom of place oneself Yu Hai, greatly small fish beside You Yi, still can see person shark in all the occasion of dance; Underground has 4 layers be as high as 7.6 meters, at present the biggest monomer cylinder reveals the Asia water jar, reveal a few rare coral Diao live thing. World of whole Qingdao sea floor is surrounded by reef, form the beautiful scenery that there is the of great capacity in hill. Individual situation, modern reveal the method, good conformity with house of fish of house of aquaria, specimen, fresh water and complementary, make its become the whole nation to have garden of grand sight of characteristic ocean zoology alone. Travel of sightseeing of sea floor of market of world of Qingdao sea floor and education of marine popular science are an organic whole, fill the blank that Shandong saves marine world project, achieve multinomial whole nation the first, formed Qingdao gold coasting to go up to shine distinctly together beautiful scenery line, it is the garden of marine zoology grand sight that the whole nation has distinguishing feature alone.