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Zhongshan park
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With the square that collect a coin all the way those who lie between is the omnibus park with the biggest Qingdao- - Zhongshan park. Area 678 thousand square metre, only then built 1901, plant test site is first. Ever with " east spend the sea field " praise label Qingdao one of 10 scene, was judged to be Qingdao 1992 one of 10 big landscape. Park 3 annulus hill, south to the sea, draw near east hill of peace and tranquility, arboretum is depended on south, the flowers and trees of the four seasons of nearly 100 kinds of forest inside arboretum and park is an organic whole repeatedly, tree sea is boundless and indistinct, lush and green, it is landscape of the vegetation inside Qingdao city most distinctive beauty spot.