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Christian hall
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A century went, she still charm is outstanding, a few mystery, a few majestic. No less than at the outset the appraisal that plan commissioner meets: This design achieved the result like canvas. This is 15 to be located at Jiangsu road, call international bethel formerly, or call Qingdao good news hall, call a governor cathedral or German bethel again. After German embezzlement Qingdao, hold week for German believer and built this, this can hold 1000 people party. It is the Christian hall of adjacent with beautiful signal hill park. One stands still on the cliff grave that green enclothes, the wall that having solid massiness, semicircle is vaulted granite window frame, steep the construction of type of German ancient fort of inclined red roof and green fastigium belfry. Christian hall is designed by case of German architect Luo Ke, began construction 1908, built 1910. Also rise with respect to thenceforth, be in several street fall meeting point, the volition of this one heart with turret topping belfry builds an excellent work, of the feature of style of European a wide place in the road to Qingdao urban district model play to wear commander action. This building by belfry and auditorium two parts are comprised. It is the exterior the style of type of mediaeval ancient fort of grandiose of primitive simplicity, add set belfry, belfry is exterior have organic instrument is set to sign up for clock to express on 3 walls, local says because of this " horological Lou Zi " . The granite cathedral wall of its massiness base, having inherent dignified straightforward temperament, your cathedral dash forward revealed exterior is clear-cut and succinct, appear vividly gives religion to build peculiar aesthetic feeling. Ascend reach 39. 16 meters belfry is topmost, hai Tianxiu lubricious take in everything in a glance. On belfry giant and horological, still scrupulouslying abide by oneself one's job up to now. What capacious and bright cathedral interior can hold 1000 people is numerous, two side divide 18 meters tall hall up and down two, decorate elegant elegance, indoor detail adornment sheds the style that dripping to do obeisance to the period that hold the seat of a monarchical government. Cathedral viridescent cat head, red terracotta roofing, have the maize metope of moire form, the artistic build by laying bricks or stones of the dawdle stone of compose is built, see people from whole the sense with a kind of majestic, solemn and respectful, enormous imposing manner. And on the hill that is located in downtown independence, it is the optimal spot that Fu sees view sea. Rose on May 1, 1999, christian hall serves as travel tourist attraction to be opened to global tourist.