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Wangtong takes former residence
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View sea 2 49, it is the former residence of the well-known writer Wang Tongzhao that the emerge in large numbers in motion of our country new literature gives, the gentleman settles from 1926 live all the time after Qingdao here. Poetry " this times " , short story " sound " , " silver-colored Long Ji " , prosaic collect " cloudlet collect " , " the green curtain of tall crops " , famous novel " Shan Yu " come out here namely. The periodical of the first literature that Wangtong illuminated in Qingdao to still edited publish a notice of successful examinees to pull Qingdao with the colleague 1929 " Qing Chao " , hear more than 1, often abandon, the distinguished scholar such as Zhu Ziqing, Hong Shen, Wu Baixiao ever also was here happy get-together, compare notes literature, published literary supplement " be away for the summer holidays collection word " etc.