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Cool breeze scene visits an area on
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Cool breeze scene visits an area on is with Taoism temple hole of Dian Shangqing palace, bright glow gives priority to VIP article landscape, with 8 water river, Long Tan waterfall is the view that main and natural landscape forms to visit an area. The northwest that it is located in scenery of too clear palace to visit an area square, intermediate You Baozhu hill be apart. Visit this scene area to basically rely on to walk, car cannot be entered, visit an area to take cableway to be able to enter the north of scene area continuously from too clear palace, visit rise but when save labour is saved. On clear palace only then build Yu Songtai Geng Shen of Zu Jianlong the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (960) . Be year, zhao corrects mutiny of offspringing Chen Qiao. Be acclaimed emperor, to eulogize millennium, if clumsy cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine has,hear Liu of Lao hill Taoism priest, of call together enter capital, be about to leave Beijing to fault. Liu Daoshi firm beg return hill, too ancestor namely imperial order seals him to be " canopy true person. Batch give a huge sum of money, imperial order builds too clear temple, build on "(of the center on clear palace and " namely today palace of peace and tranquility) the temple hall that regards Liu Jiren as cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. "Center " passes construction of nearly 10 years on, complete allows a country at peace and tranquility year, of friend name for " peace and tranquility complete of palace of the Qing Dynasty on "; of the courtyard that allow a country antedates " peace and tranquility allows a country courtyard " , because its situation prep above is too clear palace, compare because of going up clear in Taoism culture again too great-hearted a state, satisfy denominate to go up clear palace. According to taking an examination of, if after clumsy gets a mountain that answer Lao, Liu basically is in " peace and tranquility allows a country courtyard " tarry, just arrive on time on clear palace comes examine of make one's rounds, old age encounters true hut quiet room in crane hill more, friend says to go up again the " that Liu of clear Gong Wei is like clumsy fastens courtyard " . Late Qing Dynasty arrives the Republic of China this one phase, clear palace ever was Lao hill Taoism for a time on the presiding hall of field of a lot of temple, gong Li has many ages to be in 100 years old the Taoism priest of above, more make alien produces mysterious move to this Taoism hall. Tourist does not understand the concern between Taoism school, only with situation proportional, on clear palace calls " of the palace on " , call the palace below " of too clear Gong Wei " , think this is both between connection is inevitable and close. Actually most tourist does not understand, clear palace is the temple hall that completely true hill sends Taoism on. And too clear palace is the ancestor law court that Taoism sends along with hill however. Side ascends the dumb mouth from too clear palace on the west the stone of westing rank swim footpath, had turned over Bao Zhushan, enter on no matter be,clear Gong You sees an area multiply cableway or walk, had crossed mountain, have a kind of as disparate as area of scene of too clear palace feeling. From the east maritime the wind that blows becomes suddenly urgent big, on the hillside one emerald green loose woods are passed by by wind, give out blast like backwash plangent, there is " to listen on wayside big stone billows " two words, but letting person cent do not give " of this " billows sound however here is Hai Tao sound or Lin Tao sound. The megalith with phosphorous eccentric Xun is bestrewed in hillside and valley, look far, this world that resembling is hill of the shade that casts pearl in Bao Zhushan greatly, Kunlun on the hillside of a big green.

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