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The scenery that admire a mouth visits an area
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The scenery that admire a mouth visits an area to be located in area of Lao hill scene, main Lu sees a dot have hole of palace of peace and tranquility, white dragon, You Long the Taoism such as hole, white cloud hole, temple closing the Supreme Being is humanitarian landscape, go up the bay such as cape of hill of the mountain peak scene such as the Gu of hill of Gu of peak of Yuan Shan, lion, general, center Gu, 2 celestial being, drill, hole that seek a day and Ji of dragon of the bay that admire a mouth, carve, peak is natural scene. Visit an area to by the car 3 highway can arrive to the scenery that admire a mouth:  of Lu of shipboard of anxiety Jia close Qin still  Qian  oranges red dam defends Ze of wolf  ⑵ to drip  oranges red dam defends 0 Dong of wolf  Gao to knock at act to fly anxious  returns cellar Zhui imperial mandate to gather up? is press down north via Xia Zhuang from Li Cun all right, again by cherish Zhuang Zhenna goes to elder brother of king of Fu Zhendong go by all right the; that admire a mouth is or from sand mouth 9 water, big Lao watchs Jing Hanhe, willow stage, north, or watch to big Lao curtilage via north from Li Cun, go via splitting stone mouth from big Lao view again king brother place of business, by Wang Ge Zhuang Na goes to admire a mouth.