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9 water visit north area
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The spring with Lao highest hill, Tian Yiquan (fountainhead) the indelicacy of foot of peak of " mainstay tall " from altitude kilometre gives water, admitted numerous brook all the way, face northwest just goes to beautiful Yan, with collect at grinding the 5 dragon river of house stone upper part to hand in seminary, the oldest river in forming Lao hill water system, white Sha He. It is being handed in with 5 dragon river before collecting, it is the Zhu Shanfeng that raises in gigantic peak north all the time pass through in gorge, because suffer landform place to be restricted, take in and send out in large quantities, when be being stimulated when, come back, the mountain peak cereal that coordinates two side is lubricious, form one pace the gallery scene with one scene, one monochromatic bay. The 9 water of Lao hill " that this is celebrated whole nation gallery " . 9 water become north for converge of Lao hill spring, from kilometre mountain peak beautiful Yan and below, when coming loose when, get together, when urgent when delay, with body of two side hill, Gu Zhongji stone comprises elegant and chic landscape landscape, with Lao Shandong face and the hill south sea landscape forms bright contrast. 9 water oneself divides north again " of the 9 water outside be " of the 9 water inside " and " two much, 9 water are from the chrysanthemum that is located in big Lao to watch the head of Home Sun village to the south of to go up the bay begins north outside the bridge rolling water of 9 water stops, full-length the 9 water inside; of kilometer of 6 · S are begin trace to arrive from bridge rolling water wet sound waterfall (renown " scale waterfall " ) below " indigo crock bay " stop, full-length 3 kilometers.