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Landing stage. Princely restaurant
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Landing stage. Princely restaurant only then built 1911, by famous Germany architect Kurt. Luo Ke case, Lixite is designed, predecessor is henry prince restaurant (Prince Heinrich Hotel) , the hotel ” with infrequent East Asia of the “ that be called, so-called “ East Asia ” of the first house. Jin Yan of ” of emperor of film of Hu Die of ” of empress of film of 30 time “ , “ enter in succession. Period of guesthouse of Qingdao landing stage. Although already was not “ East Asia,the first ” still also is well-known hundred years old store, be judged to be ‘ Shandong to save outstanding history building, cultural relic protects unit ’ , names of a lot of international friend admire come and go.
Classics is comprehensive and reparative 2007, style is classic and decorous, colour massiness is luxuriant, charm of affection of returning Germany royalty, it is a public house of characteristic high-quality goods that has deep and exotic emotional appeal.
At the same time provider Wu center, ticket Wu center, foreign currency converts the public house, car of guest of valuable safe, ceremony is rented wait for establishment kimono Wu
Detailed information
Astral class: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Credit card: Home issues silver-colored couplet to block all things to amount to (Master) power person (VISA) carry is connected (AMEX) come greatly (Diners Club) JCB card home issues silver-colored couplet card
Meal establishment:
Recreational facilities:
Conference establishment:
Service facilities: Wu of ticket of business affairs center serves foreign currency to change a service
Traffic: Be apart from the airport (kilometer) : 40
Circumjacent environment: 8 pass beauty spot greatly, bathhouse of the first seawater
The hotel adds a bed: RMB180
Hotel address: Road of peace and tranquility of the area austral city 31