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Qingdao is beautiful China bay this special hotel
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Qingdao is beautiful China bay this special the hotel is the Australian hotel with only Qingdao, you Yage (Australia) management of hotel management group, the hotel is located in urban center position, government of people of city of Dong Linqing island; Adjacent comes on foot on the west 8 pass beauty spot greatly; 5 minutes can take a walk to beach; Head for 2008 ground of match of Olympic Games caique, the world-class such as Le Fu of guest of proximate sunshine general merchandise, beautiful person, home is super shopping square, the business affairs that is ideal, recreational, travel, shop, the staying hotel that go vacationing.
Detailed information
Astral class: ☆ of ☆ ☆ ☆
Credit card:
Meal establishment:
Recreational facilities:
Conference establishment:
Service facilities: Ticket Wu service washs parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs dress Wu gym,
Traffic: Liuting airport 37 kilometers, all directions railway station 12 kilometers, qingdao railway station 12 kilometers, municipal government 0.5 kilometers, ao Fan surpasses base 0.5 kilometers, 8 close 0.5 kilometers greatly
Circumjacent environment:
The hotel adds a bed: RMB138
Hotel address: Qingdao Yan'an 3 135