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Qingdao collects fontal dynasty old hotel
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Brief introduction *
Eye shot -- fluent like free lyric
The mood -- extend commonly like romantic piano music
Littoral garden, terrestrial wonderful scenery
Watch Hai Tingtao, collect fontal dynasty
Old hotel of the dynasty that collect a coin is a concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals restaurant of 5 stars class, be located at the bank of the bay that collect a coin with pretty scenery, draw near according to hill the sea, attractive scenery. Border “ 8 shut ” beauty spot and outdoor bathing place of the first seawater greatly, it is your good staying part.
Restaurant has room of administration of presidential flatlet, luxurious flatlet and luxurious seascape house in all 405, look at beach and bay from guest room, picturesque scene all stops eye ground.
By national level Great Master advocate the Qingdao food shop of the sterling Qingdao gust of manage, the elegant demeanour; that lets you enjoy Qingdao dish by division of name of dish of another name for Guangdong Province advocate the Hong Kong wine shop of manage, let you appreciate the marrow of dish of another name for Guangdong Province; Can look down at the 25 buildings of beautiful scenery of Qingdao hill sea rotate dining-room, can make surely your enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave; Decorate arrange of elegant Japan of clear water sea, let you all are enjoyed and be fed.
The international conference center that owns top-ranking establishment, medium or small assembly room and business affairs center provide all-around service for you. Room of hall of field of exercise of the gym with perfect establishment, bowling field, indoor swimming-pool, golf, hairdressing, sauna, it is you recreational, recreational

Detailed information
Astral class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Credit card: Card of card of golden spic card, Long Ka, Great Wall, Dalaika, JCB, VISA card, peony card, Express
Meal establishment: Seascape rotates public house of hall of hall of Western-style food hall, river spring Chinese meal, Hong Kong wine shop, coffee, beach
Recreational facilities: Hall of room of piano bar, sauna, tennis, billiards, mahjong, hairdressing
Conference establishment: Muti_function hall (529MM) , assembly room of seeing and hearing (68.25) , little assembly room (21.25)
Service facilities: Field of exercise of gym, swimming-pool, sauna, bowling, golf
Traffic: Be apart from the airport to be apart from 40 kilometers
Circumjacent environment: Qingdao seaside beauty spot 8 close world of sea floor of Qingdao of arboretum of Qingdao of tower of sightseeing of TV of Qingdao of museum of navy of beauty spot Qingdao greatly bathhouse of the first seawater Qingdao of park of Zhongshan of memorial hall of health promising former residence the 100th contain means of limited company Zhongshan integrated business street
The hotel adds a bed: RMB200
Hotel address: Road of Qingdao city Nanhai 9

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