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Qingdao gets sea garden public house
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Cafe of garden of Qingdao lane sea reposes at Qingdao inside garden of sea of lane of top class position, for “ world small-sized and luxurious hotel organizes one of ” members. The design of the hotel, the outskirts that makes you can enjoy Qingdao great reputation is a mountainous area the scenery that reachs beach. All guest room pass special design and decorate, let the feeling with your luxurious, comfortable place oneself. Repast or it is OK to rest presence mirage dining-room, Laweiside bar or Cuba cigar hall. All flatlet all set central air conditioning, TV, international to dial directly phone establishment to wait, luxurious flatlet and VIP flatlet more room of oven of have as an attached institution, massage piscina and private chamberlain serve.
In recreational respect, the gymnastical center that Qingdao manages sea garden cafe to also offer equestrian service, equipment to perfect, golf practices a Ji Hanbai Yu Yongchi; Want to make sunbathe or flabby body and mind? Want to drink a cup sweet strong coffee or enjoy wonderful music? Suggest you take Lincoln coffee office. Sunshine swim the pool is the good place with cool and refreshing paddle more, why be absent one day when Bai Yuheng begins happiness in Wen Yongchi. The service of the hotel can satisfy you all demand, let every time stay, the aftertaste is boundless, lifetime is unforgettable.
Detailed information
Astral class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Credit card: Visacard, peony gets stuck, jin Sui gets stuck, the Great Wall gets stuck, long Ka, all things amounts to card, express, dalaika, JCBcard cash
Meal establishment: Mirage (Western-style food) , Niu Aoliang dining-room (the carbon of American gust bakes pizza)
Recreational facilities: Golf exercise field, sunshine swim pool, gym, billiards, tennis
Conference establishment: Luxurious assembly room
Service facilities: Business affairs center
Traffic: Cafe of garden of Qingdao lane sea is apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 30 be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 17 be apart from from downtown (kilometer) 10
Circumjacent environment: Beauty spot of hill of bathhouse of seawater of old person of international exhibition center, stone, Lao
The hotel adds a bed: RMB
Hotel address: Qingdao city Hong Kong east road 316