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Old hotel of lira of Qingdao sweet case
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Old hotel of lira of Qingdao sweet case is located in Qingdao downtown, traffic is convenient. Restaurant has 502 guest room, include 236 25 flatlet and guest room of 103 flatlet cabinet, advanced guest room among them. Guest room establishment and service include a phone to leave a message phone of international of service, home direct dial, phone leaves a message indication lamp, colour television (can receive satellitic TV) , drink and Xiao safe of the small-sized bar that eats all ready and freezer, tea service and coffee appliance, electron, adjustable in the center of type air conditioning, . The luxurious cabinet that three-layer each other tells offers the luxurious establishment of everything needed is ready for business travel personage, and the service of meticulously, include breakfast of type of land of the first service that register, free Europe and afternoon tea, sample freely in the corridor of luxurious cabinet wine of quiet and beautiful characteristic is cocktail.
Center of business affairs of old hotel of lira of Qingdao sweet case deploys the establishment with all ready function, and complementary serve with perfect secretary. Other stock is personal assembly room, can hold small-sized meeting, interview a guest to reach entertainment honoured guest. Send the economic requirement that extend increasingly to get used to insular city, satisfy the need of all sorts of large conferences and banquet, the banqueting hall that restaurant built a 1353 square metre mixes 14 muti_function hall. Shindig hall is the conference room with Qingdao and even Shandong the biggest province, have the partition that three-layer can move at any time, but the need according to the client, decision usable floor area, shindig hall still has the preliminary office of a 400 much square metre, can make sign in, preparation, rest and even of cocktail lounge with. All assembly room and banqueting hall all set the image sound plant of advanced all ready, include muti_function bracket of stage of equipment of duplicate of establishment of stage of system of system of conference sound system, umbriferous slide show, the much videocorder that make type, lighting, revolving stage, fashion show and dance pool, word processing, file, speech, activity, special provide simultaneous interpretation and acoustic image umbriferous system.
*15%(of price of member of = of price of downstage settle accounts serves cost)
Detailed information
Astral class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Credit card: Card of card of American Express, VISA, MASTER card, Dalaika, JCB, Great Wall card, peony gets stuck
Meal establishment: Coffee hall, sweet palace, beer,
Recreational facilities: Indoor swim center of pool, tennis court, fitness, sauna, massage, steam bath
Conference establishment: Shindig hall can be accommodated 1500 people, muti_function hall can hold 80 people
Service facilities: Car of business affairs center, bazaar, post-office, hire, airport is received machine
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