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Qingdao sea is extremely big hotel
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* of * brief introduction
Qingdao sea is extremely big the hotel reposes at Qingdao 8 close travel to go vacationing greatly area, traffic is convenient, border seat of government of briny bathhouse, new city handles official bussiness building, important banking division, shopping centre.
The new idea guest room after course of guest room of extremely big hotel transforms Qingdao sea highlighted sex of cultivation, environmental protection and sex of science and technology, of its advanced establishment and high grade decorate top-ranking level is had in Shandong hotel industry, accept broadband web. Have the of all kinds guest room such as room of standard guest room, business affairs, luxurious flatlet, president flatlet 608. On the west the area between floor level 31 square metre, east the 28 square between floor level.
Meal of hotel of —— of meal of extremely big hotel sets Qingdao sea meeting banquet center and medium, on the west, 5 dining-room such as day, Han and Dong Laishun, seasonal outdoor barbecue. Eat gross amounts to 2400, all have global name kitchen advocate manage.
Conference —— is had can accommodate 500 National People's Congress banquets and the international auditoria of 800 people, auditoria can offer simultaneous interpretation of 5 kinds of languages, additional know exactly about sth style of each different interview room, assembly room to wait.
The Ni Yajia of each different helps recreational —— style corridor of wine of house of wine of amorous feelings ice, ecru bar, ecru Western-style food, revealing exotic elegant demeanour to the guest.
Everything needed is ready of establishment of peace and happiness of gymnastical recreation —— , swimming-pool, sauna, steam bath, gym, massage room, billiards room, chess card room, nightclub, card pulls OK, tennis court to wait.
Extremely big hotel had the honor to win Qingdao sea in September 2003 global service job is top award 5 stars of ——“ diamond award”

Detailed information
Astral class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Credit card: Card of spic of card of Great Wall card, Express, JCB, Long Ka, peony, Dalaika, gold, VISA
Meal establishment: Hall of new bridge dining-room, Dong Laishun dining-room, Chinese meal, Western-style food hall
Recreational facilities: Pool of bowling, tennis court, travel, sauna, billiards, card helps OK parlor
Conference establishment: Muti_function hall: Can hold office of weather of 800 people, sea: Can hold office of 350 people, Bohai Sea: Can hold office of 70 people, honoured guest: Can hold office of 160 people, Yellow Sea: Can hold 70 people
Service facilities: Wash clothes, infirmary, postal service, hairdressing beautifies hair center of room, business affairs, secretary serves
Traffic: New downtown of space of extremely big hotel makes an appointment with Qingdao sea 5 minutes car Cheng, the railway station makes an appointment with Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, the airport makes an appointment with Cheng of 35 minutes of cars.
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