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Building of honoured guest of Qingdao garden big public house
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Building of honoured guest of — of Qingdao garden big public house, be according to luxurious model the new public house that the standard builds. The public house is big elegance is high, establishment is top-ranking, have color of rich Europe land type. The form of the chamberlain that measure a body that hotel faculty will offer meticulous in a subtle way to enter a visitor serves, make you times feeling attention and exalted. Business affairs center deploys modern office information to transmit wait for establishment, in provide accurate, seasonable, efficient service for you for a short while. The bazaar of high-quality goods assemble will satisfy you to be opposite fashionable pursuit. Floor uses the design of hollow out daylighting with newfangled international, the room is luxurious and refined, establishment is all ready, fill the position that human nature changes, reflect the consideration to you everywhere.
The assembly room of VIP honoured guest that can hold 15 people 2, capacious and comfortable, decorate elegance grave, contain a lot ofpowerful culture breath. It is to hold press conference, business affairs to negotiate, the optimal choice with academic argumentation, tuitional guest. Professional conference recieves personnel to will exhaust the requirement that can satisfy you.
Meal has manufacture exalted Chinese meal hall, deploy decorate luxurious dining room mix between the bag muti_function hall, make you enjoy cate of high-quality goods of high end of type of another name for Guangdong Province of trendy HongKong and Macow, invite a hutch arrange, complementary the service with meticulous in a subtle way, you times feeling exalted with Shu Xin, it is the good place that important guests and business affairs recieve your fete. The Western-style food hall with environmental grace, authentic character and old hall musical instrument, be full of exotic the romance that moves please and warmth. Center of peace and happiness and outdoor marriage celebrate corridor wait for integrated establishment, offer all-around fitness to lie fallow to live with vogue for you.
Detailed information
Astral class: ☆ of ☆ of ☆ ☆ ☆
Credit card: Visa home credit card
Meal establishment:
Recreational facilities:
Conference establishment:
Service facilities: Foreign currency of parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs changes service bill Wu to serve phone of DDD phone IDD to wash guest room of dress Wu disabled
Traffic: Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 26 be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : All directions railway station 9 kilometers are apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 2.5 be apart from from Zhongshan road (kilometer) : 8.6
Circumjacent environment: Surroundings: Sculpture of 54 square, music square, the eastpart part a plank road built along a cliff of a street, wood
The hotel adds a bed: RMB150
Hotel address: The area austral Qingdao city clear change a way 6
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